Sarah Slean

Album Title: Day One
Release Date: October 26, 2004
Genre: Pop
It's actually quite amazing how much energy Sarah Slean manages to pack into that tiny pixie-esque form of hers. Those who have seen the singer perform live know she carries the air of an escaped psychiatric patient about her - but in a good way. The lovable lunacy that is Sarah Slean and her quirky pop music has never translated better onto a recording than it does on 'Day One'. Her personality shines through on the record, giving the music a quality which is greatly lacking in most of the mainstream fluff floating around. While 'Day One' gives more insight into the singer herself, the album is not a match musically for Slean's major-label debut 'Night Bugs'. Less piano driven and with more mainstream leanings, 'Day One' lacks the punch that her previous effort packed. That being said, the uplifting title-track of 'Day One' is one of the tastiest slices of pop perfection Slean has offered up to date.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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