Spearmint / Novillero

Album Title: IPX 5
Release Date: September 14, 2004
Genre: Indie Rock
Up first, we've got the UK's Spearmint starting up this double shot of peppy indie rock. "Thomas" is straight-forward and "Girls With Guitars" is less so. Oh, the track is still catchy and stuff but Spearmint use some weirdo studio tricks or something to compliment itself. Nice. Vocalist Shirley Lee sings with the type of disaffected Cockney cool that probably got Ian McCulloch beat up a lot as a wee lad. But for our purposes, it works. Winnipeg's Novillero are the flipside to this equation and bone up on the hooks with their multi-instrumental attack. Songs with titles like "The Art Of Carrying On" and "Let's Pull Over Here", performed with a lot of a gusto and a decided ear pressed to speaker, either in an attempt to further wrangle melodies or perhaps to become one with the music. Either way, Spearmint and Novillero are a winning combination.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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