Treeball / Aaron Booth

Album Title: IPX 4
Release Date: September 14, 2004
Genre: Indie Rock
It's inventive concepts like the Intercontinental Pop Exchange that make Winnipeg's Endearing Records one of the finest independent imprints in all of manner. In this fourth volume of the series, Finnish dreamcore unit Treeball match wits with Toronto singer/songwriter Aaron Booth. Four songs apiece from each of these artists, which leaves us with eight tracks. And not a bad one in the bunch. For a total unknown like Treeball, they sure sound familiar. With tasteful indie rock tunings and swift boy/girl vocals, they share a headspace with bands like Bettie Serveert, Throwing Muses and even the Bangles. "This Is Round" and "Blue" are instantly likeable and appeal to the pop sensibility in us all. Likewise, Aaron Booth is no slouch in his own right and he contributes four tracks of power pop fun. Booth possess a strong singing voice that is complemented nicely by chimey guitars and wildy oscillating tambourine on "Steal My Heart". He drifts slightly into country mode during "In Love With Ourselves" but don't kid yourself; Booth ain't no cowpoke. He's a lover and he's a dreamer, and that comes out in his more plaintive work. Just don't expect him to re-invent the wheel.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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