Album Title: The Air Grows Small Fingers
Release Date: June 14, 2004
Genre: Experimental
Don't expect to see too many school kids and lame-o housewives adding Mnemosyne to their lexicon anytime soon because this Toronto three piece is all about bringing the goods at a sub-atomic level. Their moody soundscapes are largely wordless and even when a mouth finds its way into the mix, it's more as an accesory than anything else. The Air Grows Small Fingers is their first full-length and while definitely a difficult listen, the album can also be very rewarding when taken with the proper frame of mine÷ and the odd barbiturate. The title track is a 11-plus minute pig that wouldn't be out of place along side Meddle-era Floyd, Sigur Ros or that weirdo stuff Slowdive was getting into before they broke up. It's cinematic; it's introspectiveůit's even, dare I say, quite sad at times. Yet like all good music, the soundscapes of Mnemosyne create a certain ambiance and considering that much of their work is improvised, that's no mean feat. If I had to pick a track for Top Of The Pops, I'd go with "Dark Grove", a "reasonably" upbeat number that bubbles in at around six minutes and features some deliciously understated clattery drumming and watery washes of guitar gook. Otherwise, The Air Grows Small Fingers would be great as white noise for an art gallery or background music for an haute dinner party, provided you know the guests pretty well.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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