Tegan and Sara

Album Title: So Jealous
Release Date: September 14, 2004
Genre: Indie
Right off the bat it's obvious that 'So Jealous' is twin-sister act Tegan and Sara's best album to date. The songs are tighter, the melodies more adventurous, and even their usually superb lyrics have improved. This elevated level of quality may or may not be due to Tegan and Sara Quin's decision to have a hand in producing the album. Whatever the reason, 'So Jealous' is able to stand alone without the support of Tegan and Sara's previous three records to hold it up.

Less strummy and more precise than their other efforts, 'So Jealous' is a treasure-trove of well crafted anti-folk songs. Songs like 'You Wouldn't like Me' and first single 'Walking With A Ghost' bring a rockier dimension to the sound of Tegan and Sara. At times the guitars even border on a near Strokes-ian style, taking a step away from the usual acoustic folk strumming. The liberal use of keyboards, and yes, even Moog, causes 'So Jealous' to pick up more of an electronic feel than most Tegan and Sara fans would expect from the duo. Though it seems a bit uncharacteristic, it doesn't detract from the raw feel of their music, but adds a new element that's rather welcome.

Above and beyond that though, it's the edginess in both the girls' playing and vocals that makes the album deserving of a lengthy residence in anyone's stereo. Definitely a step forward for Tegan and Sara, 'So Jealous' is destined to expand the girls' fan base even further.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt

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