Bryan Adams

Album Title: Room Service
Release Date: September 20, 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
There's a sense of great distances travelled in 'Room Service', Adams' latest album. Recorded during a lengthy world tour over the last two years at various hotel rooms and backstage spaces across the globe, 'Room Service' has the feel of a frenetic work in progress, whilst effortlessly retaining the polished resonance of an official studio-produced album; a perfect contrast to the 'live' albums he's released in the past.

Adams retains his knack for pleasant rock harmonies, and combines them with restrained splashes of energetic pop that are infectious to listen to, from the chart worthy "Right Back Where I Started From" to "Blessing In Disguise", a wicked fusion of Jazz, Blues and Rock N' Roll. The eclectic mix also includes "East Side Story", a melodious concoction reminiscent of prior hits like "When You're Gone" and "Can't Stop This Thing We Started", to "Open Road" and signature track "Room Service", both evoking his vagabond rock star lifestyle.

The harmonies help to comprise breezy, unassuming easy listening rock songs with Adams' trademark raspy voice often lending the lyrics a soulful intensity. 'Room Service' marks a decided departure for Adams' progress as an artist. Whereas '18 Til I Die' allowed Adams to indulge in his mischievous side, and 'On A Day Like Today' seemed unfocused and incomplete, this is Adams at his most relaxed, thoughtful, affording him the all-too rare opportunity to reflect on his long musical career.

Writer: Steve Bromby

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