Album Title: Autumn's Urgency
Release Date: August 14, 2004
Genre: Rock
From the farm fresh bounce of "Forgive Me" onwards, the music of Afflatus comes billowing out of speakers like a summer's mist. Autumn's Urgency is their debut album and if the 12 tracks here are any indication, you'll be hearing a lot more of this Toronto band sooner rather than laterómaybe you can pencil in time for 'em later this week. While the production is crystal clean and the songs radio ready, this is a fun-loving stipend of rock and roll that manages to be playful without being stupidóno easy feat in the year 2004. The songs are rarely spew beyond their mid-tempo grooves and that's what makes Afflatus click. There is no urgency to this band as they're more than content to simply pull up a chair and enjoy the ride. Think Maroon 5. Think Ben Harper, Sublime, the Black Crowes and other leading purveyors of the stone alone. Jeff Beadle's vocals alone are enough to taint the masses, especially on tracks like "Soaked" and the deliciously-titled "Rise and Whine", tracks that allow Beadle to wrap his vocal chords around the cleverly understated rhythm of his backbeat. While bassist Luke Vajsar and drummer Scott Honsberger anchor the band's sound, it's a real group effort that also leans heavily on Rob Pretsell's bite-sized riffs and Matt Rocca cutesy keyboard fills. You see what I'm getting at? An Afflatus divided simply ceases to be yet if you've got two ears and a pulse, I challenge you to listen to hook-filled tracks like "City" and "Rescue Me" and not feel something down below. The perfect antidote to a late season swoon.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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