Randy K

Album Title: Summer
Release Date:
Genre: Alternative
"Just as the seasons of the earth change, so do the seasons of our lives." What is this, amateur hour? This Z-grade inscription informs the liner notes of Randy K's Summer and immediately, it made me presume that this album would rot. Well, I was pleasantly surprised and admittedly, quite enjoy the K-man's music aside from the dum-dum liner notes. This Waterloo-based singer/songwriter sounds an awful lot like Richard Ashcroft or Jim Kerr from Simple Minds but his music is closer to the radio ready Canrock of Hemmingway Corner, Pilate and Boy. Pleasing melodies and enough beans to not entirely wimp out into the Adult Contemporary realm, the K-man enjoys writing songs of longing and yearning. "Summer Day", the uber-title track, is a resigned number that waves "bye bye" to the last days of summer like no Canuck has since Terry Jacks. Other numbers like "Stay" and "How I Feel" are more robust and bursting with nifty guitar licks and some pretty inventive drum fills. There's nothing overly original or groundbreaking about the K-man but he's obviously a solid songwriter who could make some headway if given a few breaks. Here's hoping this is the first.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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