Album Title: Variations
Release Date: June 22, 2004
Genre: Alternative
This album is no good. Sorry. I tried to like it but the 10 tracks captured here did absolutely nothing to tickle my filthy. Again, I'm sorry. Paulson play moody punk-influenced indie rock that might be filed under aggro if this were 1991. Lead shouter Logan has a decent but wholly unremarkable voice and the songs follow suit. The lyrics are uncharacteristically poetic and trite but the songs themselves are really no better than the spicy fare you might hear at a suburban Battle of the Bands contest. If there's one redeeming quality, I guess, it's the production. The album was produced by somebody named Dave Devoe. Maybe he's related to one of the guys in New Jack Swing revivalists Bell Bive Devoe. I don't knowÖ I'm struggling here folks. I just don't know what else to say about this listless tripe. Don't buy it.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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