Bob Kemmis

Album Title: Arena Ready
Release Date:
Genre: Power Pop
Bob Kemmis has supported some of the biggest names in Canadian music, including Bryan Adams, the Odds and 54-40. Yet away from his sideman and techie gigs, Bobbo manages to squeeze out his own solo discs at periodic intervals. "Arena Ready" is his third such disc and to be perfectly frank, perhaps Bobbo should stay in the shadows. "Arena Ready" does have some redeeming qualities to it: playful lyrics, variety and Bobbo's plaintive vocals. But on the whole, this is an entirely forgettable disc of pop rock songs. It's tough saying that, being fully aware of the years Bobbo has put into this business but at the same time, "Arena Ready" just doesn't possess anything that makes it stand out amid the delete bin tripe. Oh yeah, and while some of the lyrics are playful, others are quite inane ("Stop sucking, stop sucking. I paid forty dollars for this ticket and you're sucking" from Let Down). Goofy lyrics are nice and bad songs shouldn't stop you from doing all the things in your life that you want to. Heed this advice, Bobbo.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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