The Nein

Album Title: The Nein EP
Release Date: October 19, 2004
Genre: Alternative
This CD's evil, man. Pure evil. The Nein are self-proclaimed "grown-ups playing music for other grown-ups" and I'm inclined to agree. These six (sick?) songs are ripe with adult themes like war and extinctionóand those are just the song titles. Vocalist Finn Cohen sounds perpetually pissed off and it doesn't helped that the guitars are kept ragged and tuneless. Think Flipper, think The Lapse, think of those depressing hours spent alone, hiding under the covers, afraid to face the myopia that planet Earth has become. During those times, The Nein is your house band. That being said, the music is engaging because of the urgency of the presentation. Yet even when a goofy la-la-la chorus is thrown into a track "House Atreides", The Nein manage to defile the refrain by way of their auditory straight-arm. No chord is safe and no word is sparred; The Nein are out to incite. I can hardly wait for the full-length.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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