Album Title: Becs díOiseaux
Release Date:
Genre: Alternative
The lead-off track from Vailhalen's debut album Becs d'Oiseaux hits very close to home. "Spit in the Mouth" was about, well, spitting in somebody's mouth. Seeing as I've got spit in my mouth, I could really identify with this tale of salivation. There are four other tracks on this EP and for Chris Vail and his henchmen, it's a tremendous effort. Vail is Vailhalen and Vailhalen is Vailónotice how similar those two names are. Mysterious yes, but also catchy and kinda weird and kinda dark. Sure, an army of gumshoes helped Vail flesh out his vision but tracks like "The Moodkiller" and "Good" reak of a singular vision, one born of the shadows from a rubber cement soul. Vailhalen sounds like a less dramatic version of the Sisters of Mercy. They also sound like a band looking to wash brains. Approach with cautious but more than anything, approach.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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