Frog Eyes

Album Title: The Folded Palm
Release Date:
Genre: Alternative
My friend SDC (name withheld) told me that Frog Eyes, the pride of Victoria, BC, were Canada's Pere Ubu and also Canada's Roxy Music. By this logic, Pere Ubu = Roxy Music. That's just crazy talk. So I popped The Folded Palm into my hi-fi and within 30 seconds, the digits realigned into an oblique-yet-logical formation. Vocalist Carey Mercer warbled and hooted like Bryan Ferry at his most manic. The Frog Eyes' players gurgled and croaked much like vintage Ubu. The Folded Palm is skewed but as a listener of weirdo music myself, this album sounds as empowering and vital as Jessica Simpson's knockout cover of "Take My Breath Away". Honestly, I'm sitting here trying to write about this and I'm totally at a loss of how to describe Frog Eyes. Their songs are like show tunes written by stagehands who've taken one too many sandbags to the noggin. Their melodies are impossibly catchy but honestly, sound like they were written by invalids because this stuff is just so far off the popular culture radar, it's hard to imagine that Frog Eyes have ever heard of David Bowie or The Rheostatics or any of the acts they approximate. Definitely one of 2004's most original releases and one that has to be heard to be understood.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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