Kevin House

Album Title: Gutter Pastoral
Release Date: June 1, 2004
Genre: Alternative
Registering in a VERY minor key, Gutter Pastoral is a work perfectly defined by its title. 11 tracks of pure misery and suffering, verbalized by Kevin House's resigned vocals and spare arrangements. Much like Mark Eitzel and to a lesser extent Nick Drake, House uses the recording studio as his sanctuary and allows the listener to feel bummed out right along side. Thanks Kev, I've got my own problems but tracks like "Twilight in Wilderness" and "Black Smoke Rising" leave me no choice but to swoon along and plunge head into hands. But wait, House offers reprise. "Rise Up" swells into an oddly uplifting protest song for alcoholics and other bottom feeders. Maybe House sees potential in the gutter or simply realizes that it can't rain everyday. Nah, Gutter Pastoral is the work of a gruff SOB who would rather mope and sing about it in lieu of changing his waysÖ and that's why it's so darn tasty!

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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