Katie Sevigny

Album Title: Dangerous Thoughts
Release Date: September 18, 2004
Genre: Pop
With soaring vocals and plucky piano stylings, Katie Sevigny is Canada's latest contribution to the estrogen club. And what a fine contribution indeed! Sounding a bit like Fiona Apple with a sandwich or Sinead O'Connor with a wig, Sevigny corals this five spot of parlor tunes with the attitude and poise of somebody 500 years her senior. Her bravado comes pouring out of the speakers in a manner that's confident, not annoying and she definitely knows the value of restraint. When she teases the listener with the playful intro to "The Bottle" only turn things back around into her torch song furor, you realize this lady's on to something and that you'd be well advised to steer clear.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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