Album Title: Ray Zero
Release Date:
Genre: Punk
Hell hath no fury like that of Gen Tasker, lead singer of Defenestration. With hate-filled growls and melodies at her disposal she heads a metal onslaught to the senses. Naming themselves after the act of throwing someone out of the window seems more and more appropriate as you delve further into this album. Its intensity and sense of urgency is nothing to sniff at as it sinks deeper into the darker recesses of their twisted minds.'Rocket Surgery' is the damn nearest thing you'll get to an audio lobotomy, scalping you with its razor-sharp edges. 'Dust Film' ebbs and flows with storming riffs and rocking motion that never lets up in its quest to pull you further into its grasp. Choc-full of sludge-stained rock and metal this is a band that likes to leave a lasting mark. If this latest effort is anything to go by it won't be long until its force is rewarded.

Writer: Lucy Freeman

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