Album Title: Lessons Learned
Release Date: August 1, 2004
Genre: Rock
The lesson I learned is not to fuck with a band called Bullmoose, unless you feeling like being gored by an electric guitar and/or drumstick. This Montreal trio plays 100 per cent straight forward rock and roll. Simple. Channeling the spirit of Van Halen, Nickelback and pretty much any other person who's ever squeezed themselves into a pair of tight jeans, Bullmoose rock steady for close to 57 minutes. That's a long time for any band and accordingly, the disc gets a bit tiresome by track seven. Maybe listen to it in two parts or somethingÖ I don't know. Either way, there is no denying the prowess and balls that Bullmoose bring to the table on Lessons Learned. It's brash, it's bluesyÖ hell, it's even shows a hint of white boy funk on "Needs". What Eric Lawrance and the brothers Cowan have created is crock pot of pot shots, wrapped in cheesecloth and concealed in chiffon. Hunt down Bullmoose today.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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