Radio 4

Album Title: Stealing of a Nation
Release Date: September 13, 2004
Genre: Rock
Retro is the valium of 2004, prescribed to gloss over an industry where creation is increasingly superfluous to apathetic profiteering.
The Killers have taken the synth stylings of New Romanticism and moulded it into a 21st Century NME phenom, and like their Vegas peers, Radio 4 are glancing back to advance.

Stealing Of A Nation is Radio 4's amalgamate, capping a distinct evolution from their 80's punk loving debut of 1999 into a band with relatively few musical contemporaries. A precocious mix of beats, disco and indie rock n' roll is visible on every track providing a consistency that can be quite welcoming, the problem is though that the distinct Radio 4 formula only really gels to it's promise on a handful of tracks.

'The Death Of American Radio' and current single 'Absolute Affirmation' are generic Radio 4 but showcase an intrinsic talent for subtle melody and amazingly delicate yet funky guitar licks. These tracks are the sound of a band hitting its stride though all too soon it's back to tried and tested territory, with some great guitar parts and bass lines often spoiled by over emphasis on other, inferior, aspects of the arrangement.

The only real deviation from the blueprint comes with Nation, but even then it is merely an exploration of the potentially darker elements of disco synth and inexplicably conjures images of your favourite thriller movie. Random. There is no denying that Radio 4 is a band with great ability, but 'Stealing Of A Nation' does seem a let down, it's not bad but certainly isn't great either.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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