Pimp Tea

Album Title: An Urbal Remedy
Release Date: August 17, 2004
Genre: Hip-Hop
From the CD cover featuring an oversexed French maid to some of the goofiest song titles this side of the latest Jessica Simpson album, Fredricton's Pimp Tea is definitely an emcee with a sense of humour. An Urbal Remedy is his sophomore release and features 19 heaping helpings of his good-time party tunes. Tracks like "Super Dude" and "Hick Hop" are more liable to bust a gut than shake an ass. The latter is especially absurd, tossing out rhymes about flip flops and chickens over a weirdo banjo sample. An Urbal Remedy definitely bears the earmarks of a bedroom creation but to his credit, Pimp Tea puts the studio to work for him and manages to craft a pretty slick sounding disc. Taken at face value and you'd probably assume that Pimp Tea is merely a descendent of such Canadian rap hucksters as Organized Rhyme and Kish. However, a quick read through his liner notes left me with a more lucid profile of the man behind the brim. As one of the Maritimes reigning authorities on hip-hop, Pimp Tea has an obvious passion for this music and his knowledge definitely adds another layer of depth to the listen. Yes, much of An Urbal Remedy might seem like a lark but in a roundabout way, it's merely Pimp Tea paying tribute to the legacy of good-natured rhymers like Kool Herc and Kurtis Blow, the type of artists that disappeared in this era of the bling bling. My only beef with An Urbal Remedy is the inclusion of a 2-minute soundbite of Much Music's resident crank Ed the Sock, tearing apart one of Pimp Tea's earlier videos on air. This might seem like an amusing bit of self deprecation but it only seems to tarnish what's an otherwise enjoyable listen.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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