Femme Generation

Album Title: Circle Gets the Square
Release Date: August 1, 2004
Genre: Indie Rock
On first listen to Circle Gets the Square, it is rather tempting to slag Femme Generation off as a second-rate Hot Hot Heat. You've got your wonky keyboards, yelped vocals, faux new wave luster÷ it all just seems a bit too obvious. On second listen, a little more comes out of the woodwork. Vocalist Bernard Kadosh becomes a bit tougher to nail down. The relationship between his guitar and Aaron Hutchings' keyboards become a bit more oblique. By the time the third listen comes around, all bets are off and this Toronto band begins to truly sound like a unit with a singular vision. There's a level of depth and resolve to this six-song EP that you don't often find with such fledgling outfit. Yet somehow, Femme Generation manage to pull it off, and on their debut release none-the-less. Tracks like "Emergency" and "Body Technology" ride scorching guitar clips and while they do have obvious leanings towards the skitter punk style popularized by bands like The Rapture, there is an undeniable energy to these tunes, an energy that translates itself through some ace production and strong songwriting. Delve a bit deeper into Circle Gets the Square and Femme Generation show range with decidedly off-tempo tracks like "Honestly, Trudy" and "Seas Like Stars." The latter especially is a pig of a track, clocking in at over seven minute and featuring some cool keyboard atmospherics and glorious crescendos. Overall, a solid debut that positions these somewhat-violent Femmes as a band to keep an ear on.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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