Jet Johnson

Album Title: Micropolitan
Release Date:
Genre: Punk
2004 has been a year of anti-climaxes for music, industry hype arguably being severely misplaced with only The Killers, Hope Of The States and Auf Der Maur justifying their column inches. Nevertheless, shift your focus from the over-polluted mainstream scene and take a look at the UK's indie labels and their acts. In particular, Seriously Groovy's Jet Johnson.

The Oslo-based trio may have the name of a wannabe punk band, but with their debut opus 'Micropolitan' they have established their own honey-sweet anti-pop for the populist. Combining delicate guitar parts with evocative, Bjork-esque vocals, Jet Johnson are a three piece capable of crafting a wave of sound of such fusionic depth and diversity that the image of a group twice the size can be conjured. Enormous in its simplicity, the depth is not always betrayed by the sound, but that just adds to the pleasure of the listen as it emphasizes the creativity and multiplicity of intent within the band.

Preceding single, 'Donnie' is a particular highlight of the record and showcases the whimsical lyricism yet undeniable musical focus that characterizes the group but will never pigeonhole them. With a sound allowed the liberty to seem free of the bands control, the breezy, ethereal and, without question, beautiful music of Jet Johnson will change your views on music. Pick up 'Micropolitan' and your senses will certainly thank you for it.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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