Avril Lavigne

Album Title: Under My Skin
Release Date: May 25, 2004
Genre: Pop/Rock
Avril Lavigne is growing up. Her sophomore album, Under My Skin, is a
little more mature, a little less teenage angst. Fortunately for fans of her
first album, her music hasn't changed that much. She has miraculously
avoided becoming a teen pop sensation, and has instead stuck to her punk
inspired image while still appealing to the masses.

Songs like her first release "Don't Tell Me" and "Take Me Away", written
by Avril alone, are spoken like a true angry independent girl, and "He
Wasn't" and "How Does it Feel" are just two of the five songs co-written by
Canadian singer-songwriter, Chantel Kreviazuk. It is apparent in the music,
as well as the consistent "ah ah ah's" in true Chantal style. Overall, it's a great album, with a good balance of punk and pop to keep old and new fans satisfied.

Writer: Jennifer Nichols

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