The Killers

Album Title: Hot Fuss
Release Date: June 15, 2004
Genre: Rock
Hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada, The Killers may be a special force in music today; even an unknown quantity. The Vegas music scene is not famed for its credibility, think stadium hair metal, pop-by-numbers and one hit wonders. You wouldn't think much was necessarily bubbling in the underground, but The Killers seem intent on teaching this rulebook a new law and loophole.

The industry hype is echoing through the global network and the buzz surrounding 'Hot Fuss', the quartets' debut long player, has built and bred with each sold out show. Class is in session. Though propaganda will never sustain music, anticipation has seen the band release two preceding singles into the chart, embark on sold out tours and ready themselves to produce the hotly awaited album of the year.

'Hot Fuss' opens stylishly with 'Jenny was a friend of mine'. Allow the haunting eighties-esque melodies to engulf your hearing and the album will become a near exemplary exercise in indie/electronica fusion.
Though strangely uplifting, the track is undeniably dark in synth sound and up there with the greatest album openers of recent times. Immediately following is single and live favourite 'Mr. Brightside'. With a sound and vocal melody reminiscent of Placebo if they existed as new romantics, it is brimming with raw musical power and shine while maintaining their trademark sharp to muddy contrast. A maturity of sound normally reserved for veterans of the scene is present throughout, but most noticeable on chart hit 'Somebody Told Me' and 'All These Things That I've Done'.

Both tracks showcase the vocal abilities of Brandon Flowers and are undeniably The Killers, yet they span a sound-scape and spectrum most bands will struggle to cover in a career. From the disco leanings of 'Somebody Told Me' to the gospel sing-a-long of 'I got Soul but I'm not a Soldier' in 'All these thingsÖ', The Killers have created a silky sound that is their own and no-one elses.

With only one weak track on the album (the apathetic 'Andy, You're A Star') 'Hot Fuss' is worthy of the impatience it has caused, though some may find the fuzzy electronica to be more than a little samey at times. This is an album that won't be for everyone, but is not far short of musical genius.
Pass that law, The Killers rule Vegas.

Writer: Dave Hardwick

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