Album Title: Come Sail Away : The Styx Anthology
Release Date: May 4, 2004
Genre: Rock
With over 30 years of musical hits Styx has had a long and luxurious career. To celebrate Styx has released their first compilation to cover this period since their inception. Layed out in chronological order, "Come Sail Away : The Styx Anthology" takes you through the transitions and evolution of the band. The 2-disc set contains 35 recordings each digitally remastered and taken from 13 of their studio albums. Not only is this compilation great for those who may be unfamiliar with Styx and want to explore their sound for the first time, but true die-hard fans will find most our their all-time favorites. The downside to this collection occurs with the noticeable absence of four of their top 40 hits specially "Don't Let It End" which hit the Billboard number six position in 1983. The compilation still comes out sounding superb and is a great tribute to the band.

Writer: PW

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