Mon Electric Bijou

Album Title: If Blood Could Speak
Release Date: January 2004
Genre: Rock
I never really understood why more ace rock'un'roll bands didn't come from Montreal when you consider that beer, bud and belligerence are abundantly abound, Abu. Mon Electric Bijou are a rock'un'roll band and come from Montreal so I guess they're an exception to le rule. They sound like early Dinosaur Jr., especially chanteur Martin "The Saz" Saz's ravaged lilt. Mon Electric Bijou is their sophomore release and adheres pretty strictly to the indie rock template. There aren't too many surprises or swerves but The Saz seems to have a pretty good idea of how to captain this three-piece. Just don't be fooled by such spooky song titles as "The Lone Killer" or the Steve Kaklamanos look-a-like on the front cover; most of the songs are about girls and feelings and all that crap. Only a few tracks break that mould—namely "I'll Be Your Duane Eddy" which is tempered by some twing-y heavy drumming from Jason Sanchez and a well-placed "Wooooooo" from The Saz. Mon Electric Bijou might not be breaking any new ground but they ain't busting anyone's chops either. That's gotta count for something. or

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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