Michele Mele

Album Title: Laugh
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Rock
This ain't the Lower Tivoli Blues & Jazz Club but it'll have to do. This boppy collection of 12 songs by local jazz hopeful Michele Mele is a winning effort and pretty damn fine music to eat beef bouillon and weed salad too. Mele is blessed with a lovely voice and has a good sense of both timing and restraint, key elements in the jazz world. She puts her best footsie forward on the slower material, namely tunes like "Play with Me" and "Document" that allow Mele's purr to weaves its way around percussion and bass lines, coming out the other side covered in caramel and baby powder. My only real complaint is that a bulk of the tracks seem to follow the same template; crashing intro, coo coo coo, skronk, coo, skronk, coo coo, outro. Still, it's hard to take issue with such a cheerful collection. This girl did done right, yeah. Real right, yeah. www.michelemele.com

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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