The Heavy Blinkers

Album Title: The Night and I Are Still So Young
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Rock
"The Night and I Are Still So Young" might be the best Canadian album you hear this year and for good reason. Nobody in Canada is making music like this. Close to two years ago, the band set up shop in a barn somewhere in rural Nova Scotia and what resulted was 12 tracks of pure orchestral pop splendour. There are obvious parallels that could be drawn to the band's sound but that wouldn't really do justice to the level of sophistication and respect this music deserved. Tracks like "Gentle Strength" and "Silver Crown" are just brimming with layers upon layers of instrumentation, paid for by 25 auxiliary players outside the Blinkers 5-person core. The presence of both male and female vocals only add to the mix and the gentile voices of these contributors blend perfectly with these felt-tipped masterpieces. The attention to detail is close to flawless and the warmth that resonates from this album is played to a tee. The fact that this is the Blinkers' 5th album is only further proof that they are one of this country's most underrated bands and might finally be getting their due because this is one album that cannot be ignored.

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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