Aaron Booth

Album Title: Our Last Escape
Release Date: March 9, 2004
Genre: Rock
The singer/songwriter schtick is a tough one to pull off, especially if you're lacking those intangibles that makes seemingly good songwriters great and seemingly great songwriters dead. Toronto's Aaron Booth is definite a decent tunesmith and can turn out a healthy batch of pop/rock jingles but there just seems that something missing, that certain something that would truly place Booth alongside the Sexsmiths and Cockburns—insert penis joke here if you must. No matter, Booth's sophmore effort Our Last Escape plods along at a decent clip and what he lacks in immeasurables, he makes up for with some nice melodies and a sweet-ass voice. "Wrong Idea" is a well-crafted slice of shimmy sham pop-based rockety rock while "Glass Houses" ends things off with both a bang and a woof. Yeah, there's a lot of sad sack lover's swill covered here but that's not to say Booth's a whiny, shiny stupid person because he's not. I never said he was. The music is very inoffensive and he invites his listener to join him if he or she should seem fit… but no pressure. An inoffensive release but one that you'd probably dig if you think you might anyway. www.aaronboothmusic.com or www.endearing.com

Writer: Cameron Gordon

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