Canadian Indie Labels Picking Up Artists Cut By Majors

Published: 2004-08-05
As major record labels merge or cry poor because they are making a little less money, they continue to drop artists from their rosters. The results are artists like Tom Cochrane who has diamond status (one million copies sold) on one of his albums searching for a record label to market his work. Independent record labels are finding themselves in a very favourable light as artists search for a place to call home.

By design the independent labels are smaller companies with smaller budgets for marketing. Distributors and retailers have dealt with the major labels for years and are reluctant to support the unknown indie labels. But in today's market where the major labels are pushing cookie cutter pop tart artists with mediocre talent at best – image over music – many artists found themselves out in the cold anyway.

The smaller indie labels do offer their artists a great deal more flexibility and freedom when it comes to making records and having a say about what gets released. For artists like Tom Cochrane, David Usher, Colin James, and Michelle Wright who have already proven themselves as legitimate artists who can sell records stepping down from a major label to a smaller indie label can open as many opportunities as it closes doors.

As more major artists sign on to independent labels or promote their own work retailers and distributors will have to take note. After all it's the artist who sells the record not the name of the record label who shipped it.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum



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