The Polyphonic Spree Gets Heavy

Published: 2004-07-09
They could be some sort of a cult, but then again it's highly possible that they are a religious group – or perhaps they really are just a plain ol' band. Maybe the world will never know for certain. What IS known about the twenty-five members of the Polyphonic Spree is that their second album is due out next Tuesday (June 13th). The record has been named 'Together We're Heavy' and is being distributed by Hollywood/Good Records Recordings in North America.

'Together We're Heavy' continues on where 'The Beginning Stages of…' left off – Section 10. Although all Spree songs have their own title, the tracks on the group's debut were listed as merely Section 1 through 10. They've decided to carry on with the set up, bestowing 'Together We're Heavy' with Sections 11 through 20.

The difference between 'Beginning Stages' and 'Together…' though, is a giant one. While the Polyphonic Spree's first album was really just a bunch of demos thrown together, the group's sophomore effort has been cultivated and perfected in the recording studio. This means that 'Together We're Heavy' will give fans the chance to experience the band in their full glory.

In addition to the actual record, the Spree has had a game created to showcase a few of the new songs off of 'Together We're Heavy'. Quest For The Rest sees lead man Tom DeLaughter and a few other members on a quest for – you've guessed it – the rest (of the band, that is). When Tom and the other lost members finally meet up with the rest of the Polyphonic Spree, well, that's truly a beautiful moment. Play the game at

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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gawd you gotta love the quest for the rest.
Posted by: monicacheng on July 11, 2004
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