Christian Version of American Idol To Debut

Published: 2004-06-22
Not to be outdone by the pop world the Trinity Broadcasting Network will debut a Christian version of the Idol shows called "Gifted". Beginning July 26 Trinity will begin holding auditions. Two contestants from each of the stops in Florida, Georgia. Alabama, Tennessee, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New York, California, and Washington will be selected and flown to Hollywood. Contestants will sing gospel or contemporary Christian songs. Eight finalists will compete to find a winner which will be chosen by the television audience.

"It is our goal to wrap God's message -- His love -- in acceptance, and in a way that blends seamlessly into 'pop' culture while still upholding the values we, as Christians, value most," said Officials.

With this new twist in the Idol shows, it kind of makes you wonder what will pop up next.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum



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Ever since American Idol started, all I've ever wanted was a show that I could express my love for the Lord on through singing. Now it has FINALLY come...only problem and my many friends that are so interested...are only 17. Haha I guess we'll have to wait another year, another time. Wonder what would happen if we tried to audition?
Posted by: ibelieve777 on June 25, 2004
I am young,and i wasn't raised in the church, but i love to sing the Lords music. Ever since i met new friends when i was in the 10th grade i've always wanted to touch someone's heart with the Lord's anointing he has laid upon me. As i write i'm falling out of the Lord's will and I told him I wasn't going to give up on him because i knew he wouldn't give up on me. Every time i hear a praise and worship song i think about everything he has done for me. It makes me feel bad that i'm not doing his will. If given the oportunity I will serve his will.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 19, 2004
Where in the world can I find more information about when and where the auditions are?
Posted by: Anonymous on August 22, 2005
I have always hoped there would be a christian version of American Idol. I love God and would love to get a chance at something like this. I figure God gave me a gift and I should use it.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 09, 2006
I'm glad that there iis going to be a christian version of American Idol. I've always wanted to go to American Idol but only if I could sing gospel. This is great and I hope to find out how to audition because this is a great oppurtunity for people seeking attention in the gospel music business
Posted by: Anonymous on May 30, 2006
I want to try out for the gospel version of American Idol but it seems that only people the ages of 18-24 can attend it. That is pretty unfair for the young adults because im 14 going on 15 this summer and the age limit shouldnt be set that high because even our young people have talent.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 30, 2006
Where can I find information on the next auditions. I'd like to try out!!!

Editor's Note: Currently, we're unsure if 'Gifted' will be coming back for a second season, please check: for more information and with Wright Entertainment Group regarding auditions.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 18, 2007
how can my gospel group located in atlanta georgia sign up for auditions?
Posted by: Anonymous on June 02, 2007
Where and what day will the auditions be held in Oklahoma?
Posted by: Anonymous on June 15, 2007
Where and when can I audition in GA??
Posted by: Anonymous on July 26, 2007
Where and what day can i audition in washington?
Posted by: clcahoon on July 07, 2008
Can you give me a phone number that i can call to find more information?
Posted by: Anonymous on July 08, 2008
how do u audition for the christian version of american idol n where does it take place i live in NY
Posted by: Anonymous on August 25, 2008
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