Festival Express Documentary Footage Found

Published: 2004-06-01
What may become one of the greatest rock'n'roll movies, "Festival Express" tells the story of a rock festival in 1970 that has been forgotten by all but those who were there and are still alive.

The "Festival Express" was an event that took five days and traveled across Canada on a train. Among the stars who performed were Janis Joplin, the Greatful Dead, the Band, and Buddy Guy.

The documentary not only shows the festival; but it also shows the musicians off stage. Footage of protesters, who believed concert goers should get in free, is included; along with interviews from many of the people involved with the festival.

Footage of Festival Express sat in the Canadian National Archives for 25 years before anyone found it and began reconstructing footage for the film. Over 40 hours of raw footage was viewed in order to create the film.

"Festival Express" is scheduled to start appearing in a few select theatres on July 23. More theatres will be added in August.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghum



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Is there anybody out there who worked the Toronto show? I just ordered Festival Express and plan to watch it this Monday. Ken Walker where are you?
That incredible summer I showed up early and helped build the stage, etc. I recall working with Leslie West, roadies et al at first settin up. My friends and I were the ones who built that plywood lean-to in front of the stage. I was involved in discussions with Ken and Jerry re: free concert (Jerry played my Martin). I worked with George Freaman, ëPeacerockí , where are you George? I drove the grey VW with the Bonnie & Delaney sticker on it. Had breakfast w/Janis (I w/o the Southern Comfort), lunched w/Alvin Lee, got drunk with Danko who in 99' caught up with in Maine and we reminisced. Iím ëdigginí my memories here but remember like yesterday my times with Jerry who touched a lot of peopleís hearts and made an impression on this long haired Woodstocker. Man, weíre getting old. Iíve been tellin folks since about the festival and, if I knew I blanked it, that someone had filmed all this. Remember someone in the audience shouted to Janis ìIíll take the ball without the chain!î Janis shouted back ìYeh, and youíre old enough?î I need someone to spark my recall - anybody out there?
Posted by: Anonymous on February 05, 2005
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