Pete Leaves the Libertines

Published: 2004-05-31
Even though the Libertines finished their second album and it looked as if all was well in the group, things are not always as they seem. After entering rehab and consequently leaving on his own accord, band member Pete Doherty has claimed he is quitting the Libertines.

Doherty told a British paper that he is heading to France with his girlfriend and putting drugs and his band behind him. One of the main reasons he outlined for leaving the group is the way band member Carl Barat treats him. It seems as if the pair has adopted a Johnny/Joey Ramone-esque relationship.

About Barat, Doherty told The Sun: "It's got to the point where Carl and I don't speak except on stage. It breaks my heart. He treats me badly and every time I come running back like a battered housewife. I feel like I'm seeking the ghost of a former friendship but Carl gave up on me years ago."

Although Doherty feels this way about Barat, it doesn't mean the absolute end of the Libertines. Pete said that if the band made an effort it would be possible for a reunion to take place. The world will have to wait and see how that piece of the Libertine drama continues to unravel.

Even though the departure of Peter Doherty from the Libertines is a horrible thing for music, it is a good thing for the man himself. Doherty found himself an unhappy person when he was in the band, living out the lifestyle of a rock star.

About his current feelings on the band that made him famous, Doherty said this: "Surely no one wants to see me trapped in this cage that is only making me miserable. Being a Libertine is supposed to be about freedom – but I don't feel free at the moment."

It sounds as if it is time for Doherty to rid himself of being Pete Libertine and find the freedom that he wishes for. One can only hope that that freedom will allow time for making music.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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