The Libertines Save Us Again

Published: 2004-05-13
The musical world rejoiced when the Libertines released their debut album 'Up The Bracket'. Here was a band that knew the meaning of Rock N' Roll in more ways than one. Well, lucky for the world then, that the Libertines have decided to give the whole album thing another go.

Holed up in a studio with the Libs, trying their best to produce the new material Pete & Carl spew out, is former Clash man Mick Jones and Bill Price (the producer behind 'Never Mind The Bollocks' and many Clash albums including 'London Calling'). The Libertines have chosen highly appropriate men to work with as they have been compared to the punk legends on more than one occasion.

Speaking to NME, Mick Jones expressed his take on the new Libs material. "Sensational. I can't believe how good they've got, even since 'Up The Bracket' – and that was a great debut."

Great words to hear, especially since for a while it was possible the Libertines would not live to see another album. When all the drama surrounding member Pete Doherty (drug addiction, breaking and entering, theft, and consequently jail time) was going on, the musical world waited with baited breath for the outcome of his actions. It seemed very likely that the end of the Libertines was near as tensions between band members grew (Carl, John and Gary were kind of upset when Pete mysteriously disappeared and left them guitar-less during touring). But the rock gods were smiling down upon the world when the Libertines managed to patch everything up and continue on their mission to take over the world.

Instead of being fragmented, the Libertines have been left with a true rock story that with time will grow into the stuff of legends like Jim Morrison exposing himself on stage, or the Jagger/Richards drug bust (granted, not the most flattering stories, but legends nonetheless). The band can also add inciting a riot in Stoke-On-Trent into their rock record books. The riot and subsequent damage (they made a wall collapse!) was caused by a mob of fans which were upset that they could not get into an impromptu free show the Libs put on. How very Rock N' Roll.

Writer: Jaclyn Arndt



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