David Bowie Mash-Up Contest

Published: 2004-04-27
The legendary British rocker David Bowie has decided that the old saying of if you can't beat them, join them works for today's music too. Not only is Bowie comfortable with the idea of fans creating mash-ups (taking the lyrics from one song and superimposing them over the back tracks of a different song); Bowie is encouraging his fans to make some mash-ups of their own with is music. And what's more, Bowie plans to reward the most creative fans with prizes.

In a contest that ends May 17, David Bowie is asking fans to use the lyrics from his newest album "Reality" and the tracks from his older songs to create some David Bowie mash-ups. The software needed to create the mash-ups; as well as, the lyrics from "Reality" are available on Bowie's website.

Bowie, who has been the subject of some mash-ups himself, sees nothing wrong with people creating mash-ups. Bowie says that it was an idea waiting to happen. Record executives on the other hand are upset over the whole affair because the record companies want to control music distribution via the internet the same way they control distribution elsewhere.

And Bowie's reward for the most creative mash-up? Bowie plans on choosing the winner himself and then rewarding its creator by releasing the mash-up as a MP3 single. The winning creator will also get a new car.

Writer: Sherrill Fulghm



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