Audio Adrenaline's Hands & Feet Project Helps Rescue Miracle Baby in Haiti

Published: 2007-07-27
The Hands & Feet Project is a children's village in Cyvadier (Jacmel), Haiti started in 2004 by the rock band Audio Adrenaline. It welcomed its first child in 2005 and currently has 20 children ranging in age from 15-days to 9-years-old. It is now the home of 18-day-old Christela Belle, an unwanted newborn baby girl thrown down a 28-foot outhouse hole by her 15 year old mother and left for dead shortly after she was born on Sunday July 8. Christela was rescued by a teenage boy named Toussaint who had seen the young mother leave school with a smaller stomach and blood on her legs. Toussaint followed the trail of blood to the outhouse behind the school and when he heard the baby's cry he called police. The police, an American UN soldier and the Sri Lankan Army all arrived quickly and managed to free the baby from the deep hole.

Since the hospital they first went to was poorly staffed, the American UN soldier, Darry "DJ" Williams asked for help from his friends at the Hands & Feet Foundation.

"I knew this child would be fine," said Williams. "After being dropped 30-feet into a pit and left for dead, and there were no bruises, no signs of trauma, and she was resting? I knew I had witnessed a miracle. Everyone involved knew it."

The Justice of the Peace gave the Hands & Feet Project full rights to the baby. A policeman from the station gave the baby her name, calling her Christela, which in Creole translates to 'Christ was there' and Belle after the Audio Adrenaline song "Beautiful".

"I am so amazed by the story of these rescuers," says Mark Stuart, frontman for the GRAMMY award winning rock band, Audio Adrenaline. "In Haiti, children are often abandoned and orphaned, and to see the teamwork between the police and the UN soldiers on behalf of this one baby, it is a would-be tragedy turned to joy."

"Without programs like the Hands and Feet Project, many children like Christela would have little hope at all," Mark says. "Not only was this project on hand to help Christela in the early moments of her life, but it will be there for her and other orphaned children in the days and years ahead. We are hoping to help raise a generation in Haiti that will change their country so we can be out of a job and orphanages can be empty."

For the full story and video footage of the rescue please visit,

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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