Nickelback 'Disappoints' P.E.I. with Profanity, Beer thrown on Children

Published: 2007-07-12
Charlottetown, P.E.I. included Nickelback, Staind, Hedley, Finger Eleven, Buckcherry, and Default in their Canada Day celebrations. All hard rockers in their own right who also peppered profanity through this family event, but it was Nickelback that left the audience and the promoters reeling when the band laced their performance with dozens of emphatic f-words. The band also reportedly pushed over a table that was filled with beer and began throwing it on members of the audience in the non-drinking section, where under-aged teenagers and children were present.

Mayor Clifford Lee said he has been overwhelmed with complaints of the band's behavior at what was supposed to be a family event and that even after asking the band to watch their language, they had obviously ignored the request. CTV reports Mayor Lee saying of Nickelback's actions, ""People were really, really disappointed and really upset."

Charlottetown is now calling for a clause in future contracts that would ensure bands only get paid once the performance is finished, and only if it is profanity-free.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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In my opion the mayors office knew that there was going to be cursing. They saw dollar signs. No way they could have been that naive. I am sure the deposits were made ASPA after the concerts! They got the money and now they're letting Nickelback take the hits! Just like the potitians here in the US. They are pleading ignorance and let someone else take the fall! It was not advertised as a family friendly show.
I also blame the parents who took young children to a rock and roll concert.
They should have researched the bands before they went. They would do the same in taking their kids to a movie, right? So, now they are blaming Nickelback for their poor parenting.
I am a mother of 4 and a grandmother of 3 and not so dumb as to take my kids to a show and not find out if it is suitible for their ages. Now these people are crying foul for their
own stupidity. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their mistakes. The world is not responsible for raising your kids! YOU ARE!

Posted by: JONI_TEXAS on July 12, 2007
I think it's great they're wanting to create a clause that would have the performers only get paid after the gig and if it was profanity free. More cities should do this, we don't need potty mouths in entertainment to have a good time with or without our families.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 13, 2007
If the City was trying to say that this was an event for families of all ages then why the beer gardens???
Also why have rock and roll bands at a family event?
Maybe they should have went with Celine Deon and the polka dot door people if they didn't wan't swearing and drinking.

Posted by: Anonymous on July 13, 2007
im 14 and the concert was awesome yes they threw beer out and cursed but would you not of realized they were going to curse and the parents or who ever was mad about there kids hearng the cursing in shouldnt have bin SO naive because when you hear its a rock concert is your first thought lets take my kids to a rock concert?!?!?
Posted by: Anonymous on July 21, 2007
I was most disgusted with Buckcherry's all around performance, & disappointed with Nickleback's in between songs performance. During Buckcherry's performance I asked the security at the gate may I leave & come back during finger 11 as I had my 10 & 12 year old girls with me attending the concerts. They wanted to see finger 11, Hedley & Nickleback. But the security guards stated that if I left I could not return. I stated that my children should not be subjected to this disgust, & further nor should the citizens of Charlottetown & especially the Nursing Home on the main street. The security guard called over a Charlottetown policeofficer who was ahead of the security on the Radio station side of the entrance. I explained my delima, & he stated too bad thats what's on the ticket. I stated it did not say parental guidance or rate the concerts, it is a family event. He looked at me shrugged his shoulders & walk away. I was dissappointed as I always thought of Charlottetown as a very conservative/family oriented city like Saint John.
The Martin's
Posted by: Anonymous on July 22, 2007
I too attended the Nickelback concert this past July in Bay Roberts,NL. I knew i was going to a rock concert, but i too was disappointed with the language used by Chad Kroeger. Almost every second word was the F-word. (uncalled for)and soaking underage children and non drinking adults with beer was senseless. But as for the show excluding the f-word and beer tossing, was awesome.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 25, 2007
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