Evanescence Members Call It Quits

Published: 2007-05-09
Huge success can do much for the wallet but not much for unity among musicians. As John LeCompt and Rocky Gray leave the band the only member now who has been their since their 2003 breakthrough is lead singer Amy Lee.

The band doesn't have much of a track record for keeping members. The only constant seems to be Amy. Last year co-founder/lead guitarist quit, following him was the bassist. However, as the latest drummer and guitarist have now quit Amy Lee promises not to stop.

On the band's official webpage Amy spoke about the recent departures, "Evanescence is alive and well. John and Rocky were in Evanescence for four year and we shared some great times together playing live, but they were ready to move on and so we have parted ways. Evanescence is something I have loved and nurtured since I was 14, and I will continue to protect and fight for it as I always have."

Rumours are swirling and feelings seem to be hurt as different sides of the stories seem to surface. But for the fans out there the only important thing to know is that their summer tour will carry on with fault.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson



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Oh my gosh!!!!Evanescence cannot call it quits!!They have had so much success and have many fans worldwide!(not 2 mention me!!) i just hope they can get it pulled back together!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 09, 2007
That so sucks! Love the band the way it was!
Posted by: Butterflies on May 10, 2007
Evanescence will only call it quits when Amy Lee is the one who calls it quits.
With Amy Lee still on Front Act - Evanescence will stay ALIVE!

Posted by: Anonymous on May 15, 2007
Rock on Amy, Terry, and Tim! When I see you at the concert I will be in the front rocking out!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 16, 2007
i agree, if amy lee calls it quits then everything is finished. changing the lead singer will mean....changing the whole band. we dont want that...
amy rules!
Posted by: Anonymous on June 28, 2007
There isn't a band I like more than Evanescence. I've never missed a show, and nobody can dispute the amount of talent contained therein. But when 4 out of 5 of it's members have either left, or been outright fired, it tends to point in one, piticular direction. Which begs the question: "Amy...What's going on?". :(
Posted by: Anonymous on July 04, 2007
john and rocky cant leave they have brought soooo much fun to evanescence. evanescence wont be the same without them. please all evanescence fans unite and stop them from leaving we must save evanescence. amy is the best but she needs her band mates with her not the new ones. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 11, 2007
save evanescence.amy lee is super talented and the one and only face of evanescence,but without john and rocky it would be like winter without rain and summer without sun.evanescence would be incomplete!!!!its not jus about the band alone,its bout the fans 2!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 31, 2007
Posted by: Anonymous on August 23, 2007
Perhaps they left because of Amy Lee. Oh of course she is very talented. I liked Evanescence when it was all of them at the beginning together. Sometimes things change, try not to let those friends you co-founded with slip away from you. They are the ones that stared it all with you...

Posted by: Anonymous on August 24, 2007
Posted by: Anonymous on September 04, 2007
Yes i have never seen amy live except on some videos and never will it is sad to know but amy and the guys will always be rocking in my heart always and more keep in their AMy we are with ya!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 10, 2007
Without the rest of the band members, it's not Evanescence anymore. I have always had a huge respect for Amy, but it was the combination of her voice along with the rest of the band that made them what they were. It was great while it lasted.
Posted by: Anonymous on October 02, 2007
If Amy decides to leave then the band will collapse!
luv u amy!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 20, 2007
Rocky, John, and Amy worked really well together, but if Amy is still truckin', I have no doubt that Evanescence will still exist as everyone's all-time favorite!
Posted by: Anonymous on November 28, 2007
amy u rock this band , even if this band collapsed it will always live with us in our hearts !!!!!!............
Posted by: Anonymous on December 23, 2007
Amy Lee is Evanescence and Evanescence is Amy Lee. Evanescence will be nothing without Amy.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 26, 2008
Please don't give up Amy! I have faith in you! I've been listening to your music since I was in the 6th grade, and next year, I will be a junior in highschool. Your music has pulled me through some really tough times. So please continue to be the awesome singer that you have been.
-good luck, Sammy
Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2008
Ahhhh nooo i love Evanescence..Please Amy dont you give up as well you are by far the greatest singer there is and Evanescence is a brill band!!!I havent even been to one of your concerts yet!!!I NEED to see ye live!!!Hopefully Evanescence does not go down too quickly and hopefully i shall see ye in Ireland some time XD xxxxxxxxxxNicolexxxxxxxxxx
Posted by: Anonymous on July 28, 2008
I love you Amy Lee, and I really really want to meet you. Too bad I can't :( Well the world isn't "perfect by nature" just yet, so mainwhile, I will continue posting coments telling you how much I love and support you and I will continue listening to your awesome music. I LOVE YOU AMY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love, your absolute #1 fan Christy Lynn Gilbert!!!!! Your music has inspired me to write my own, and I sing along to yours every day!!!!!! I feel that even though we have yet to meet, that you completely understand me!!!!! *Christy Lynn*
Posted by: Anonymous on November 09, 2008
Amy please make some new music I love all your music and have all your cd's. I listen to you sing all the time LOVE YOU
Posted by: Anonymous on December 16, 2008
Amy Lee please make more music you can still sing the best and I can't wait for more of your new music. LOVE FROM FAN
Posted by: Anonymous on January 02, 2009
Well,for me it's clear that Evanescence is NOT only Amy Lee. As the other former members left (or were kicked out), they took with them a piece of the band's soul. A pretty voice is not enough, and she may keep on going with this but it will never be Evanescence again.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 27, 2010
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