Superchick's Max Hsu Speaks Out About Virginia Tech

Published: 2007-04-24
Superchick founder and keyboardist Max Hsu has spoken about the recent Virginia Tech tragedy. Hsu writes, "When I was a kid at camp, you had to go with a buddy if you wanted to swim in the lake - and you had to stay with him the entire time you were in the water. If you lost your buddy, you had to tell the lifeguard and he would blow the whistle and everyone would have to stop swimming until your buddy was found. Lakes aren't pools; you can't see under the surface. With a hundred kids in the lake, this was a good way to make sure that no one slipped under, unnoticed. The lesson was clear: swimming in the lake could be dangerous, but together, we could watch out for one another. No one would go in alone. I wish we had a buddy system for life.

We can't change what happened at Virginia Tech. We can't change what happened at Columbine. But maybe we can change the lives of the people around us. We shouldn't need tragedies to remind us that people are sad, broken and aching. The world is our family. If you notice someone alone or hurting or lost, reach out to them. Give of yourself. Heal the wounds inflicted by others. Replace hurt with kindness before hate grows in the empty space where love should be. Pray that God opens your eyes to those who need your love in their life. We have the power to make huge changes in society with our tiny lives. Make your life about something more than you. All around you, people need you. Let no one slip under the water, unnoticed. Peace and brotherlove, Max."

The band's song "Hero," from their 2002 album Last One Picked, is about these issues. Superchick is offering it as a free download because they feel, more than ever before, that it's important that this message gets out.

To download the song please go to and click on the opening page's picture of the folder next to Max's letter.

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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