Kelly Clarkson Brings Out Her Rock Side

Published: 2007-04-24
Taking inspiration from Alanis Morisette, Kelly Clarkson belts out her new album. Her first single off the new disc is the anger driven, Never Again.

Everybody is noticing Clarkson's new rock edge. Even record label employees were picking up on the changes. Kelly spoke about their observances to MTV, "I had somebody at my label say they didn't like it because it was too Pat Benatar. I was like, now I really like it! I love her, and what's wrong with you? I love any kind of rock chick who's just totally into what she's doing. What's funny is that we now think of her as a rock icon, but she was pretty pop as well. And I'm pretty pop too- I'm a rock/pop girl, which is cool with me."

The new album is titled My December and is quite an achievement for the one time winner of American Idol, she wrote every song on the album. Kelly spoke to MTV about the differences that may be found on her new effort, "There's more 'me' on this recordÖI had more hold on the reins because I wrote the entire thing. It wasn't planned like that, because I don't think you have to write everything you sing, but on this one I had a lot to say. I'm not even this open with boyfriends!"

Catch Clarkson and the likes of Bono and Gwen Stefani on the two part fundraising special American Idol: Idol Gives Back tonight and Wednesday at 8/7c on Fox.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson



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you gotta be kidding me! Clarkson is NO Morisette. She's a pop princess with limited talent. And if there's one thing she isn't that's a rocker. I heard the single, and it's ridicoulous to call it rock.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2007
Happy 25th Birthday Kelly Clarkson!!!! You rock!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 24, 2007
I love Kelly. She sings better than any of us. To say crappy things about her is just ..... crappy. We ALL wish we were Kelly Clarkson. She's talented, she's cute, she's got booty. She is WAY more talented than Morisette. She will be around for a very long time. SO GET USE TO HER... LEARN TO LOVE HER!!
Posted by: Anonymous on April 29, 2007
Happy Birthday Kelly Clarkson!!!
and its my birthday too (24 april) ^^ I'am glad that my BirthDay is with my best singer's BirthDay ^^
love ya kelly <3<3<3
Posted by: Anonymous on April 29, 2007
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