The Wilkinson's Make New Video on School Violence

Published: 2007-04-19
After the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia this past week, Canadian family band, The Wilkinson's found it eerie that their latest song, which they had been working on for over 5 years, was releasing at the same time as the shooting.

The song, "Nobody Died", was inspired by the 1999 Columbine shootings, discussing school violence and how nobody seemed to die in schools back in the day. Here are a sample of the lyrics spoken from the singer's perspective, "Back when I went to school/kids smoked and swore and bent some rules/But didn't everybody?/ I mean almost everybody./ A fake I.D. bought a beer/ had the devil's rock 'n' roll ringing in my ear/ And people said that these kids got a problem here./ And I'm not saying that they weren't right,/ But I'm crying and trying to understand what I'm seeing on the news tonight./"

The Wilkinson's latest release Home came out a month ago and their grant for making the song "Nobody Died" into a video was recently accepted; they have decided to move forward with casting during this time.

Frontman Steve Wilkinson told the Toronto Star, "I just felt that we finally needed to shine a light on [school violence]ÖIf one radio station and one person listens to it and thinks twice about maybe doing something drastic because they're being picked on or something went wrong in their world, it's worth the money, the time and it's worth the effort."

Writer: Soul Shine Staff



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way to sell an album by taking advantage of a tragedy.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 19, 2007
Hey, this video the 1st time i saw it made me cry. it sent me a message to stand up for others and dont let anything too bad happen .. bullys are mean and hurtful.... sometimes they get on my nervs .. watching other kids such as my self get bullied ... its no so rough .. but the verbal.. i can't accept bullying in our skewl, i don't want this to happen in any skewl. This Video is Great . The message Is amazing . : P
Posted by: Anonymous on July 04, 2007
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