Underoath Drummer Readies The Almost's Debut

Published: 2007-01-26
Underoath drummer and vocalist Aaron Gillespie is getting ready to release a record by his side project band The Almost.

Gillespie wrote 11 songs while in the studio recording Underoath's newest album Define the Great Line. Knowing that the more melodic songs wouldn't fit in with Underoath's style of music stepped up and fronted his new side project.

Though the band has been on tour throughout January their debut record Southern Weather isn't due to hit stores until April 3. Their first single was originally titled "Johnny Cash" which was because, "The song mimic'd the guitar-strumming sound that Johnny Cash pioneered, which in turn was used to describe the working song as "the johnny cash song."" According to a blog Gillespie wrote on the band's official myspace. The title later changed to "Southern Weather" but is now titled "Say This Sooner".

Currently Gillespie is back with Underoath getting ready for their tour with Taking Back Sunday and Armor for Sleep till April 1 but will be back with The Almost for a spring tour and a stint on this summer's Warped Tour which may cause Gillespie to pull double duty as Underoath will also do a few Warped Tour dates.

Writer: Michelle Garcia


i will buy that CD when it comes out i promise but ur gonna still sing in underoath rigth?
Posted by: Anonymous on February 07, 2007
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