Michael Jackson Works on New Album

Published: 2007-01-04
As Michael Jackson prepares to release his 12th studio album he enlists a little help from the top of the charts, Will.I.Am.

In 2006, Will.I.Am climbed the charts with his own band The Black Eyed Peas but he is slowly getting the recognition he deserves as a producer. This year he has had his hand in producing Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Snoop Dog and Nas. He even picked up a nod for Producer of the Year at the 2006 Grammy's.

Jackson album is set to come out before the year comes to an end. Will.I.Am speculates about Jackson's next effort, "It's either going to be really big or nobody's gonna care. Ain't no middle ground on this one." Well, to make sure this is an album that people care about Jackson isn't only enlisting Will.I.Am's help. Also to appear on the album is Akon and Chris Brown.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson



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Michael Jackson is the man! It's about time all the corporate wannabe pseudo-artists like Timberfool & H[usher]behold the magical magnificence of the artistic genius of M.J.!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 04, 2007
good on him, wish him all the best. But MJ, please no more heal the world or save the kids music. I want to hear some funky beats.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 05, 2007
Yeah! That's what I'm talking about! Show that pancy Justin Timberlake how it's done. Honestly....it's about time we got some original music. And who better to do that than the King himself!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 05, 2007
If he wants to make another Invincible with despairing songs like heartbreaker and....
I think the best news is MJ retiring.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 06, 2007
i love michael jackson and i am his number 1 fan and always have bin since i was 3 and i dont believe anything in those trials in the past because i no he is innocent i am so glad he has got the courage to make another album.i love you michael!!!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 06, 2007
I say it is about time. I can't wait for his new album to come out. Mike will forever be the 'King of Pop'
Posted by: Anonymous on January 07, 2007
Michael is the best! I'm so glad he has the courage to face the public again with what he does best. Justin who?

MJ Forever!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2007
HI There,

First of I'm really Huge fan of The Jackson Family especially Michael Jackson. I'm really looking forward for MJ New album this year & hopefully it will the best ever like Thriller which is my favourtie album. I'm sooo glad i've met him in person & I'm looking forward to meet again if God wills. & I hope someday he'll write to me.

Your lovely fan from Oman,


Rock with u
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2007
MJ is the voice of Afro america like malcom x and other. you are great
Posted by: Anonymous on January 15, 2007
Posted by: Anonymous on January 24, 2007
i'd like to hear him remake elvis's songs i think he would sing love me tender really well and if anyone can do it it would be mike
Posted by: Anonymous on January 28, 2007
i love Michael Jackson.. He's so great!! I hope he realease his new album soon...
M.J is the king of all dancers, King of all singers, and the king of my heart...
Posted by: Anonymous on April 17, 2007
I love MJ soooooooo muchhhhhh. I loved since i was 3 years old. He is truly the best male dancer in the world. JT and Usher need to back off, taking his move only the 'King of pop' can do them the best. I can't wait for his new album. Luv u mIchael always have and always will.
ps. please do another concert in london, luv to c him perform live!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on May 10, 2007
Michael Jackson is the best singer and dancer in history.The way he moves is amazing and his lyrics are so great!! No singer in history could make crowd go wild like he did.he was,is and always will be THE BEST singer and dancer in the world. THERE IS ONLY ONE KING:MICHAEL JACKSON. FAN FROM BOSNIA
Posted by: Anonymous on May 11, 2007
I love him soooo much.He was,is and always will be the greatest singer and dancer of all times.the way he moves is amazing and his voice...pure genius!!!!! my favourite song is smooth criminal because the lyrics in the song are so cool,and the beat makes you jump of the chair and dance like crazy!!! FAN FROM BOSNIA
Posted by: Anonymous on May 12, 2007
Keep the good work bro. No body can take it from U. King of Pop. Cheers!

Posted by: Anonymous on May 17, 2007
I love Michael and i think that he is the greatest singer as well as the greatest dancer. He is a nd always be my favorite pop star love you Nat
Posted by: Anonymous on July 13, 2007
Michael Jackson is the best singer and dancer in the world.I really hate music these days, it's all about sex and money.I used to watch MTV all the time but now it just makes me sick.These days every idiot can sing on TV and try to copy his moves,but they just look stupid,starting from JT to US5 and all the other boy bands.The fact is,we need michael and his music because the man really cares about his fans, and he knows what people like in music.That is why I enjoy listening to his music.I heard that he plans to do another world tour next year so i really hope that everything works out for him. MICHAEL JACKSON IS THE GREATEST!!! fan from Bosnia
Posted by: Anonymous on October 08, 2007
Michael Jackson will always be the greatest singer in the world because people like his music and because his songs are not about sex,money and all other trash on TV these days. He sings about things that are important not just for him, but for all the people around the world! He said that the worst thing for him is to let his fans down, because he really cares for them and want's to make them happy. The man is on stage for over 40 years and anyone who says that he doesen't have any more talent is stupid or crazy.Michael is right when he says- just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the TV screen don't make it factual,they have said and written so many disgusting lies about him that i just can't understand them.MJ said- "just because it's in the print doesn't mean it is the gospel.People write negative things,cause they feel that's what sells.Good news to them,doesn't sell". and the sad thing is-it's true. Anyway i can't wait for his next album. we belive in you because you've always belived in us. THE KING OF MUSIC-MICHAEL JACKSON!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 28, 2007
no more invincible-like songs, its not gonna sell. i want more thriller era and bad era songs! coz its got this unique sensation. Good Luck Michael! Wish him all the best. He is a good man afterall~
Posted by: Anonymous on November 11, 2007
I indeed really welcome the idea of MJ re-releasing Thriller. I grew up watching MJ. He's the best, my favourite artist of all time.
From ... Shola Bright
Posted by: Anonymous on December 05, 2007
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