Van Halen Hires New Bassist

Published: 2006-12-29
As Van Halen currently rehearses for their forthcoming summer tour (2007), there has been a change in their line-up.

Longtime bass player, Michael Anthony has been fired from the band. Anthony was fired by Eddie Van Halen himself, due to years of disagreeing over their creative work. Replacing the founding bass player is Wolfgang, Eddie's fifteen year old son.

A singer for the reunion tour has not yet been mentioned but there is talk of David Lee Roth retuning to front the band, after being absent for twenty two years.

Writer: Lindsey Peterson



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That has to be one of the most diplomatic points of view published in the long saga of Van Halen Soap Operas!!

Your readers may find it interesting to note, Edward Van Halen took issue with Michael Anthony's touring with Sammy Hagar during the period of 1999 - 2003 while Eddie was dealing with hip replacement, cancer, divorce, etc.

Prior to the 2004 Van Halen reunion with Hagar, Mr Anthony was forced to sign away all rights to the name/logos associated with Van Halen. Mike was hired as a contract employee for the 2004 tour at less than full band membership pay. Edward sighted this reason on a recent Howard Stern interview claiming Mike was making money selling hot sauce and using the Van Halen name to get rich off of Eddie's songs and music.

Edward wants to hand the legacy of the Mighty Van Halen to his 15 year old son. That's fine... but a little more interesting in the details than saying "years of disagreeing over creative work".

Look to see Van Halen inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame to be announced on January 8th in New York. More soap opera to follow!!

Posted by: Anonymous on December 30, 2006
Mike has been a hired gun since after the VH III tour when his contract ran out.

The reason he was not invited to re-join this time around by all who know anything is because he is to buddy buddy with The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar! Eddie dosen't like that too much these days. He wants it to all be about him. I know I been a fan for over 20+ years.

Posted by: Anonymous on January 01, 2007
Eddie Van Halen absolutely amazes me for many reasons, with each one of them being utterly pathetic. By all accounts, this man appears to be the pettiest, tantrum-prone control freak in the music industry. Aside from habitually hitting the talk radio circuit to throw himself yet another bitter pity-party about his latest hip replacement, tongue cancer or (fill-in the blank) "tragedy," just what had Eddie Van Halen actually done in the past 10+ years? I pose this question from a musical perspective, as we all know he managed to drive away his devoted, supportive wife and fired everyone except for his brother to remind everyone how important he is in the rotating door that is "Van Halen." VH was the first band I ever saw in concert and I will always be a Roth-era fan. There is no recreating that "magic dynamic" which occurs when timing, talent and collaborative chemistry collide to create classic bands like Van Halen. They made their mark in music and became part of rock history. Eddie needs to Leave it alone, get over himself and move on; perhaps a solo project? Finally, despite the band bearing Eddie's surname, Van Halen never would have been achieved success without the dynamic David Lee Roth and Michael Anthony brought to create this rock GROUP. As much as Eddie Van Halen admires himself, had he originally taken to the stage with his brother and any other lead singer (in particular), they would have inspired cricket echoes instead of Bic lighters.
Posted by: Anonymous on January 12, 2007
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