Avril Lavigne's New Album is 'The Best'

Published: 2006-12-19
Avril Lavigne has just wrapped up recording her new album and wanted her fans, at least the ones on Myspace, to be the first to know about it.

The newly married Mrs. Deryck Whibley posted a blog on her official Myspace page after doing some press for her new song "Keep Holding On" from the soundtrack to the movie Eragon, "I keep getting asked about my record and what it is called....so I wanted to give u guys all the info directly....so.... I'm calling the record "The best Dam Thing".....and the first single is called "Girlfriend"... the single comes out February....and the record in April......."

Lavigne goes on to say that the new record is worthy follow up to her 2002 record Let Go and her sophomore release Under My Skin, "I promise you guys will LOVE this record, it is my favorite one!!! And I can't wait!!!!! It is really fast, fun, young, bratty, aggressive, confident, cocky in a playful way....all the good stuff. This record will make a great live show, and that's what I had in mind while writing it! My last tour helped inspire me. So because I am a touring artist and spend so much of my time playing live shows, I wanted to make sure the songs were fun. Fun for the fans and myself. I will only have like 3 slow songs on the record. yay!! I am working on my last song right now in the studio. I should be all wrapped up by Moday in time for the Christmas holidays. So I will check in with u guys soon."

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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I recall her saying that her second album was going to be "dark" and "serious." Now she's got her mind set on a "young, bratty, aggressive, and confident album" What's her third one going to be? "Introspective" "Meaningful" and "Written by somebody else"
Posted by: Anonymous on December 20, 2006
Avril ROX, thankyou anonymous! Shes changed!!
Posted by: Anonymous on December 27, 2006
I have to agree whole heartedly with annonymous, and I had to smile at the prospective vision for the next record. It rings very true. Coming from someone who once had enough pride to say they were not going to be controlled by the media, or anyone else in the industry, "Sell-out" is another word that comes to mind. As long as the record has chart topping sales, I doubt very much if the artist could care less about the depth and meaning of the album. As long as the old bank balance doesn't hit under 6 digits, we're all good. So much for being original! So much for not being controlled. Welcome another puppet to music industry. I wouldn't walk to my front door to meet her, or listen to her album. Judging by the last disaster, someone would have to pay ME to take it!
Posted by: Anonymous on January 08, 2007
#2 - If Avril rocked so much to begin with, then why did she need to change?
Posted by: Anonymous on January 17, 2007
YO Avril good luck! I love you! you r the best in the world! I know one of your body guards who toured with you he is my stepdad! He rocks out loud just like you! I am ur biggest fan! you r the greatest! I really wish i could meet you in person.

Luv ya,
Alexis Gray
Posted by: Anonymous on January 28, 2007
avril lavigne rocks!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 05, 2007
Hey Avril!!!
good luck! you r awesome i would love to meet you some day to...u are really pretty to... i would love to look just like you when i get older...and i love your new song "Keep holding on" i'm listening to it right now it is such a good song!!! I luv ya and keep strong!! later xoxo lylas
Posted by: Anonymous on February 16, 2007
yup u r d gr8test avril...
why dont u com 2 india..uve got a huge fan followin up here 2...
ur gr8test fan...
Posted by: Anonymous on February 19, 2007
I was a big fan of avril with her first two albums. The lyrics and music were great but this new album so far is NOT, with the exception of "keep holding on" and "when you're gone" which I think are great. On the songs "girlfriend", "I can do better" and "everything back but you" the lyrics are ridiculous and the music is hideous. She sounds like a little girl which she is obviously not anymore. I am in no way jealous of her-trust me and I still think she rocks- just not like before, although I am happy that she is so in love and looking beautiful and I wish her success in the future. By the way, ignorant, idol-worshipping, teeny boppers need not respond,LOL.
Posted by: Anonymous on February 19, 2007
Does ne onw know where i can watch the new girlfriend music video?? pleeezz!!
Posted by: Anonymous on February 20, 2007
i luv the new song girlfriend, it just doesn't seem like avril...
Posted by: Anonymous on March 02, 2007
HEY avril, im from the philippines and i just heard your new song GIRLFRIEND!! I love your songs since you came out for the first time and up to now i still am your biggest fan!! YOU GO GIRL!!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 04, 2007
i can't wait 2 see u rockin' indonesia...
u rock!!!!
no one in this world is as cool as u....
Posted by: Anonymous on March 05, 2007
I think that Avril has changed incredibly. I'm not to sure what I think of the new Avril but I plan on getting the album when it comes out...
Posted by: Anonymous on March 05, 2007
Hey Avril you are the greatset singer in the world u rock your the coolest person in the world and i'm your biggest biggset fan .


Posted by: sierra on March 10, 2007
hi i writing from venezuela and when i knew she her music liked to me and of that moment i made me fans of she and now i thing that she is trying of to make one cd better that the past although her cds previous was better for me specially ``complicated¥¥ and ``skater boy¥¥ of her first cd and others of her next cd but i can¥t to critisize the new cd because it has not arrived to here and i don¥t konw if it good i know the song ``gilfriend¥¥ and ``keep holding on¥¥ by a magazine and i decide me search on internet about this and i liked about this and i hope that it arrive fast to here for to enjoy it. continues thus i love you avril 4ever!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on March 18, 2007

Luv ya Avril Lavigne...
From the one & only: Tricky Expert.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 19, 2007
Me and my bff love your song "girlfriend". Good luck with your songs and we hope to see them and one day could you kinda come to bridgewater for a concert and sing the song Girlfriend? ok thanx bye.
Posted by: Anonymous on March 22, 2007
the new song girlfriend SUCKS, its below pop standards just awful
Posted by: Anonymous on March 22, 2007
Posted by: Anonymous on March 24, 2007
I love Avril. I loved her right from the start, I love every single song by her. She's rad. I love girlfriend! I can relate to it!!! lol. I can relate to all of the lyrics in practically every song and she's got an amazing voice, awesome attitude and shes adorable. Gotta love her.
Posted by: Anonymous on April 10, 2007
Avrils changed alot but shes still the best artist ever!!!!!!! x
Posted by: Anonymous on April 11, 2007
i reli reli like avril since then,i know that she gonna rokcs the world again in her new album...and i cant wait to have a copy of it! i love her so much...good luck AVRIL
Posted by: Anonymous on April 16, 2007
the first time i listened and watched Keep Holding On,it really made me got hold of my chair..it was amazing!!i love the lyrics,i can really relate it with my current relationship..AVRIL still shines and continues to rock not just my world but my boyfriend as well..we both love avril and loves spending time together listening to her songs..that's the perfect moment we always have...
Posted by: Anonymous on April 22, 2007
i like your every songs your very good singer in this world. iam praying every day for you Avril Lavigne
Posted by: Anonymous on April 25, 2007
Avril's old music was really good. but her newest album is awesome "the best damn thing" i love it! When "girlfriend" came out i listened to it non stop and the music video was really good.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2007
I liked Avril more in the punk way though..and how she sings in "girlfriend" its just so different..i love it..but its just not what i was expecting at all
Posted by: Anonymous on May 14, 2007
I understand all your feelings about Avril going from punk to almost a "pop" star, but it is a new step in her life. I also don't appreciate the way some people are saying "sell out" and things like that. Maybe her songs were punk when she was a teenager trying to find herself in this world. Now she is married and found true happiness. You agreed with how her songs back then corresponded to her feelings, then why would they not be the same now? Her feelings of singing upbeat songs are not to sell records, but to express now that she is happy and that she grew up. Everyone grows up.
Posted by: Anonymous on May 16, 2007
i dont no the name of the song its one about peoples loved ones dieing it reminds me of my grandad coz he is dieing of cancer in hospitel im 11 years old and im a great fane he went to hospital yesterday and hes like a dad to me i dont get on with my real dad so could send me the name of the song bubi from jade woodcraft
Posted by: Anonymous on July 19, 2007
i love avril lavigne from akram suyuti in indonesia, you're the best singer!!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 25, 2007
Avril is the coolest singer on earth.... She is just fabulous.... I mean her style her singing... Her voice everything is just perfect....

I just want to see her in India.... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COME TO INDIA.... I'll be at her concert anywhere.... Just love her....
Posted by: Anonymous on November 04, 2008
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