Taylor Hicks Makes Major Label Debut

Published: 2006-12-05
American Idol winner and claimed king of Soul Patrol Taylor Hicks is releasing his self-titled album in time for Christmas.

This will be the first album from Hicks since being crowned with the American Idol title earlier this year. Before his win the Alabama native released two albums In Your Time and Under the Radar independently.

The album was produced by Matt Serletic and features some songwriting from Rob Thomas and Diane Warren. Hicks also had the chance to tackle a song originally written for Ray Charles by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams.

The album comes out December 12 on Arista Records/19 Recordings.

Writer: Meghan Wubs



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Rob Thomas and Diane Warren's contributions to this album are, as expected (by me at least), the two weakest tracks. The rest of the album is solid. As the first CD out of the gate for a new recording artist, Hicks has less control over this one that he would like, but probably more than most Idols before him. The result is perhaps more mainstream than I would like, but about what I was expecting with this first release.

The vocals and musicianship are both impeccable.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 05, 2006
This is a heck of an album. Although not every song will be a favorite, there is something for everybody on this. Don't miss this one.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2006
...and yet, the songs by Rob Thomas and Diane Warren are two of my favorite tracks on "Taylor Hicks." Although, "The Right Place," the song Bryan Adams wrote for Ray Charles (before he died) is my favorite. This CD is going to SHOCK true music lovers who are expecting typical "American Idol" schlock on an Idol's debut album.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2006
This album really grows on you. I liked Hicks on American Idol, so when someone emailed me about the album I took a listen on VH1. At first listen I liked about half the songs. After repeated play there were only 3 I wasn't crazy about. Now I'm down to 1 that I could take or leave. This is one catchy album. More pop than I expected from Hicks, but man, there are some fine songs on here. Favorites include Heaven Knows, Runaround (both fun, upbeat tunes), Just To Feel That Way (a ballad as strong as any Bill Joel ever did) and The Right Place (showcases Hicks, the soul man). I rarely like an entire album. Even on Elton John's latest, only 3 tracks went into my regular playlist. Hey, that's what iPods are for, right? Yet Hicks' new CD is one I'd play from start to back in my car. Experience certainly shows here. Good job, Mr. Hicks.
Posted by: Robert67 on December 08, 2006
I also rarely like an entire album (or nearly the whole album), but this is captivating music. I expected some pop and mainstream sounds on his first album, but he was given much more freedom then I thought he would. There is a plethora of soulful, ardently delivered songs that represent Taylor's trademark soul. I started liking Taylor for his music - it doesn't matter whether I see him perform or not. I was waiting for this album and I have not been disappointed. My favorites are "Just to Feel That Way" (a sure-fire #1 song and probably the one with the widest mainstream appeal) and "The Right Place." But "Wherever I Lay My Hat," "Gonna Move," and "Heaven Knows" are also fantastic. Skeptics who claimed Taylor would not be able to sell CDs because he is a stage performer, not a recording artist have certainly been proven wrong. Can't wait for his next CD when he has more control...
Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2006
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Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2006
This album contains a strong set of songs of different genres and shows Taylor Hicks can sing almost any type of song very well. I'm amazed that I love all but 1 of the songs, and even the beat of that song is so catchy I find myself humming it. For a first idol album, this is uncommonly good.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 08, 2006
If Just to Feel that Way and the Right Place were the only two songs I liked, I'd still feel like the CD was a good buy because those are two beautiful songs that showcase Taylor Hicks' unique voice and soulful delivery. He has a true gift of pulling the listener into the emotions of the song. But the fact is, this is a CD with 11 terrific songs (and even the 12th is growing on me. Way to go, Taylor. Great job, man.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 09, 2006
This is a very good start for Taylor.This album showcases his vocals and his abiltity to sing whatever is given to him. i am looking forward to when he will be able to make his own decisions. I love this album. I am looking forward to something that is more bluesy.
Posted by: Anonymous on December 20, 2006
This is definately the new american soulfull sound...each track has impeccable soundmanship...No one sings clearly as Taylor does no need to find lyrics, just hear him sing and I totally liked his new rendition of 'Soul Thing'! Go on Taylor 'sing the funky music white boy'! :D

P/S: I'm not American...hehehe
Posted by: Anonymous on June 25, 2007
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