Josh Groban Reveals ëYou Are Lovedí

Published: 2006-09-05
Grobanites, the name given to official Josh Groban fans, can breathe a sigh of relief because the classical pop singer has released a new single.

"You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)" is the first single off Groban's new album, set to hit stores Nov. 7. Groban invites fans to listen to the new tune online at AOL Music.

The now 25-year-old rose to fame after being introduced to producing giant David Foster when he was only 17. Groban's popularity grew after an appearance on the show Ally McBeal. He has since recorded two albums, 2001's self-titled debut and 2003's Closer, which spawned the popular inspirational hit "You Raise Me Up."

The young baritone is also known for lending his vocals to several film soundtracks as well as his collaborations with big names like, Sarah Brightman and Charlotte Church.

Writer: Meghan Wubs



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it has been a LONG 3 years waiting for this next CD. i play josh every day, have his music both in the house and both cars. thanks for your talent, josh, i know you are worth waiting for. when are you touring again and how can we get tickets? how about a return trip to interlochen.....i think of you everytime i'm near there....much success! ele
Posted by: elebug32 on September 05, 2006
Everyone should go listen to this song. Very uplifting and no one compares to Josh's voice.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 05, 2006
The new song is awesome!! Love it so much!! Very inspirational..and Josh's voice is just soaring!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2006
Wow, I'm just so excited that Josh finally got it out. From one Grobanite to the next -- I think I speak for all when I say "it's about time!" I listened to this song on AOL and I loved it. I know all the others will be just as great.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2006
i heard the new song
"you are loved" don't give up
BEAUTIFUL looking forward to the rest !
Posted by: Anonymous on September 06, 2006
I am so excited about his new album! I loved the "sneak preview" song. I am proud to say that I am a Grobanite fan. And I look forward to his album hitting the stores!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 07, 2006
I'm late as to "finding" the wonder of this young man's voice( a friend lent me "Josh Groban" a month ago ). Now I know that there is a God and he loves singers. If on my death bed I could hear him sing Alla Luce Del Sole I'd die content.
Posted by: Anonymous on September 09, 2006
I think You Are Loved is his best song ever! If the other songs on his new CD are anything like this one, it'll be his best CD ever!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 09, 2006
The best yet!!
Posted by: Anonymous on September 13, 2006
i have been waiting for a long time,i know we wont be disappointed,its going to be heaven just to listen to his voice.and singing songs that touches our heart and soul is a pure bliss
Posted by: Anonymous on September 17, 2006
Oh wow - I didn't think Josh could get any better - I was wrong !!! The vocal range on this is AMAZING. November 7 still seems a long way off - but at least we know its coming now ! I listen to Josh every day and night. Does anyone know if the 2007 tour is going to include the UK ? oh, I DO HOPE SO.
Posted by: janinuk on September 19, 2006
Recvd email yesterday and have listened numerous times to "You are loved" just enough of a teaser to keep us guessing if the rest is as spectacular or better. It has been a long time coming.We were just discussing or bemoaning the fact that it has been such a long since "Closer" came out. I am looking forward to getting this new CD and hoping that the Tour Cities are similar to the last tour. His voice transcend various language barriers. Would love to hear him sing "AVA MARIA" and "SANTA LUCIA".
Any chance an English Christmas album would be forth coming???
Posted by: Anonymous on September 26, 2006
Just wondering if anyone knows when the new tour dates will be avaliable and whe nwe can buy tickets? How bout the venue's he will playing at? How bout Buffalo? Ahh...I'm so excited!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on October 04, 2006
I was adopted @ 3 months old and my birthmother left me with a music box and written on the bottom in big bold words were You Are Loved and from this day on, those words are always with me and this song connects me and my birthmother together, she became pregnant, not being married, so it was a secret and she never gave up, then I was born! She gave me life. She died when I was 3 yrs old in a car accident and I will always know that she never gave up and she is loved, I never met her but she will always be in my heart, This is the best song ever, it touches my heart. YOU ARE LOVED
Posted by: Anonymous on November 24, 2006
I would love a Christmas album from him. I would love to hear him sing 'Mary did you know'; it would be spectacular!!!!
Posted by: Anonymous on July 17, 2007
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