The Rolling Stones to play Halifax?

Published: 2006-07-06
On July 4 the city council of Halifax approved up to $100 000 to spend on a huge concert in the city this fall.

Some councilors objected to the fact that the meetings to agree to the funds were held behind closed doors, but that didn't stop council from approving the budgetóto be spent on extra policing and cleanup for the event.

It is known that the concert is to take place at the Halifax Commons where the Pope held a mass in 1984 that drew 30 000 people. It is also known that the event will occur on September 23.

However what is unclear is exactly who will be playing at this mega concert, though rumours persist that it will be the legendary aging rockers the Rolling Stones that will headline this Halifax show.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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well Michelle atleast unlike some media outlets in halifax you do have facts straight. It was reported in the daily news that the Mass held by the Pope drew 80,00 people which of course is not true. The sroties of Aerosmith being on the bill are false as that band is playing camdem new jersey that night with motley crue as part of a double bill tour this fall. Logistically this show would break with what the stones have done in the pass. The stones play denmark on the 3rd of september. The practice has been 30 days off between tour legs and rehearsal time for each tour leg of up to 10 days.
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2006
For months i have followed the rumour that the stones could be playing in halifax. i live in new bruswick, even 2 hours from monctons megnetic hill. i went to the concert last summer and couldn't believ what i a confirmed concert in Halifax, i will definately go to see the stones, if rumours of them playing at the commons is true. p.s who else is playing....i hear the who and aerosmith....that would be sweet
Posted by: Anonymous on July 06, 2006
your right...there is no way aersmith could play an afternoon show in halfax and then get to nj for a show with the crue...or is there????? Less than a two hour flight I suspect...
Posted by: Anonymous on July 17, 2006
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