Rachel Goswellís illness keeps her off the road

Published: 2006-06-01
Bassist and vocalist for the UK indie pop group Mojave 3, Rachel Goswell won't be able to help the band promote their upcoming album due to illness.

She revealed the news on her official MySpace site saying, "Back in January I suddenly lost a moderate amount of hearing in my left ear. Accompanying this I have had really bad problems with my balance and awful tinnutis. It's been very debilitating for me and I haven't been able to do very much at all."

She goes on to explain, "Ears are complicated things. What has happened to me I've been told is rare. I've had labyrinthitis (an inner ear infection) which has led to permanent hearing loss, permanent tinnutis and nerve damage in a couple of places in my inner earÖMy immune system is currently through the floor."
"I'm at a point now when I don't really know when I'll be well enough to do music. I've been told it will take a few months for the physio to work."
Meanwhile Mojave 3 is getting set to come out with a new album Puzzles Like You and though Goswell was involved in the creative process it looks like she won't be able to help promote the album.
"Mojave 3 did a video for the new single this week. I wasn't able to take part in that. Touring is not looking like an option I can do right now either. Things are left open for me with all this. If I'm able to, I will take part. A friend has been brought in to cover me for the time being for gigs. The record needs to be released and promoted right? I'm just in no fit state to do any of it at the moment and it all feels pretty harsh," she writes.

Writer: Michelle Garcia



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