Great White Give a Chunk to Charity

Published: 2003-09-09
The LA band Great White, known for their bluesy rock are hitting the road to
raise money for the families of the victims of a fire at a gig they played
in Rhode Island a few months back. They are giving virtually all of the profits to the Station Family Fund and are selling T-shirts and auctioning off items from the shows.

It's nice to see some responsibility in rock. Traditionally the idea of
responsibility was not associated with rock n' roll and the drugs and sex
that went along with it. Then we saw recording artists banding together to
'save the world', 'save the children' and provide relief to farmers and
those in need. Here we have an example on the smaller scale. As Jack
Russell, lead singer of Great White says, most of their fans are working
class individuals and has been really pleased by the response that they have

Along with all this good will is the usual talk of living each day like it's
your last crops up. It always seems to require a tragedy to spark this kind
of awareness, and then it fades away until the next unfortunate occurence.
What would be truely impressive is if these musicians worked to help people
without the prerequisite disaster to spur them on. Without the public eye
scrutinizing them to see how they react.

It is often hard to tell if the large concerts for the third world are because the musicians genuinely care or if it's PR and efforts to increase sales. How much of the recent SARS concert was actually to benefit the city of Toronto? The artists who donate some of their profits to good causes without making a huge deal out of the whole thing are the ones who are worthy of praise. They are out there. A social conscience is an often lauded thing, but rarely seen, especially in an industry that is known for being so vain and self reflexive.

Writer: Nathaniel Whitfield



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